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The Maverick Behind
Maverick Business Adventures®


Yanik Silver is a serial Internet entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. He is recognized as one of the leading experts on web marketing even though he still considers himself a 'techno dunce'.


His story and businesses have been featured on the cover "Millionaire Blue Prints" magazine, inside Business 2.0, Fox Business News, TIME.com, USA Today, SmartMoney.com, MSN Money, Entrepreneur.com, The Boston Globe, Denver Business Journal and many others.


Yanik is a highly sought after speaker addressing groups ranging from the prestigious Wharton Business School to international audiences of 3,000 and up.


As a self-described "adventure junkie", Yanik has found that his own life-changing experiences such as running with the bulls, bungee jumping, sky diving, exotic car road rallies and Zero-Gravity flights have not only brought a profound sense of accomplishment but also led to breakthroughs in ideas, focus and business thinking. That's why he combined both his passions to found Maverick Business Adventures® creating the kind of "club" he'd want to be part of.


Maverick Business Adventures® creates unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences exclusively for entrepreneurs and CEOs. It's for the small group of top-gun achievers who want to live life to the fullest, produce business breakthroughs and give back to young & aspiring entrepreneurs through charity and education.


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