Rebuild Haiti with Frank McKinney and Yanik Silver


Activity: Experience with Frank McKinney & Yanik an exclusive impact trip that will change YOUR life and build a home for a family of 8 in Haiti in a new Maverick Sustainable village. The Maverick Impact Trip is life changing….. you will share in experiences that will take you from rich to enriched, from the devastation this poorest country has endured, to the hope and future of new Haiti.

• Will build new concrete homes that will house 120+ people in Haiti
• These homes will be built by locals adding to their economy (in some places there is 90% unemployment rate)
• Multiple latrines (bathrooms) will be built providing better sanitation to the area
• Critical medical and clinic supplies will be carried from the USA to Haiti by the Mavericks
• Income for our guides and revenue from the hotels we will stay at, will help the local economy
• We will be funding the feeding of 100′s of children during our visit to Haiti
• We will share our entrepreneurial ideas to enhance commerce in Haiti
• Most important, each individual Maverick participant will have a life enhancing experience to share with family, friends and associates upon returning home

Frank McKinney, a special Maverick celebrity guest a few years ago in Aspen, is a Master of “Thinking Big” as once again shown by the successful sale of his latest $23 million dollar ocean front masterpiece, Aqua Liana. Frank “gives back big time” and encourages others to do so through his charity, The Caring House Project Foundation, founded in 1998 by Frank and his wife, Nilsa.

CHPF has built 15 villages in Haiti since 2003, and provided a self sustaining existence for over 7,000 desperately poor and homeless.

Talk About Impact!

This Maverick experience has not been scheduled yet. If you want to make sure you find out when this is happening sign up below to be placed on the notification list.

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